Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, March 15, 2012


We tucked this pot into the car yesterday, and the sprouts have matured on the windowsill here in VT. They will brighten up our salads in the next few days.

We have tidied up the winter ravaged garden beds, cleared downed pine boughs from the lawn and gathered wind swept birch branches and stashed them in the kindling box in the woodshed. Some over-wintered mache was washed and dried in the lettuce spinner. There's been a bit of firewood splitting (missed you, Han) and some impatient chopping of ice in the driveway where we hope the sunshine will melt it away. 

Batman, standing on the edge of the hill, spreading his arms wide, said, "There is so much promise in the air".

Wherever you are, can you feel it?


  1. I love spring and the clearing and tidying after the winter adds to the feeling of promise.

  2. I can feel it just looking at this photo, Karen!!!

  3. Despite all the horrors over here the past week, spring has arrived all the same. In the face of violence and fear and hate, it has been so soothing to be able to clean our balconies, bring the geraniums up (they live in our building's basement for the winter), set out old and new plants, start some seedlings (for tomatoes and strawberries) and get an herb box going on our windowsill. Life keeps pushing on, and there's comfort in that and in green things.