Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


After living in this house since 1996, we are getting it ready to put on the market late next winter. We are working hard at moving our dreams of living in Vermont closer to reality. 

You may recall that we had the ratty carpeting pulled up last June and these lovely hardwood floors installed. All of the bedrooms need to be repainted, and this was the first we tackled. The sweat equity is really challenging, but it's just got to happen. We are trying to find neutral but interesting colors, which we hope will appeal to prospective buyers.  A while back, one of my blogging friends, Uma, suggested Timber Wolf Gray, and we settled on its lighter cousin, Pebble Beach (the golfing connection was not lost on Batman). I took this photo early this morning, and as with many paint colors, it changes as the day goes on.
I really like the way it brings out the foggy mist in this watercolor of a rocky shore painted by my late Dad.

One of the things I love about serving on the boards that I do is the opportunity to dig into issues in education. Right now, I am serving on a search committee and I'm up to my eyeballs in a stack of fascinating resumes, with a three hour conference call scheduled for later today. Changing demographics, a challenging economy and the pluses and minuses of technology all come in to play when planning and hiring for the future. My brain is getting a workout. :-)

I look forward to catching up with your comments and blog posts tomorrow, when I am able to climb out from under this paperwork. Until then, shine on, friends.


  1. Love the color; adore the painting. Sending you good juju for the search committee, especially since I'm guessing which one that might be. And a huge congratulations on the wonderful steps your making toward your wonderful dream.

  2. Nice color! I am still loving my gray room. Though I could easily imagine putting this house on the market too...

  3. How fortunate you are, Karen, to have a painting done by your dad. It is truly lovely in this newly finished setting. Your wood floor is fabulous and the color exactly right.
    I have been in the position of helping to choose among candidates for jobs, but in those cases I would be working with the one chosen either in my library, in my school, or in my department. I don't know how you choose someone you may never get to work with... maybe it's easier?
    Hope you're enjoying some of this mild spring weather and the lengthening days. Be renewed.