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Friday, August 10, 2012

keeping up with things

Yesterday, our friend Rhett finished brush hogging our meadow and lower area. We hire Rhett to come once a year, to clear the land. Because we are part-time Vermonters, and don't have the equipment (yet) to keep up with this task, we appreciate his help. If we just let the open space grow wild, within a few years we'd have small trees taking hold out there. Since we're not sure yet what we'll do with those beautiful, open acres (terraced garden beds? goat pasture?) we'll keep Rhett's phone number handy. 
Last night, I went out onto the three season porch to watch some approaching thunderstorms (amazing!). The lupine seed pods caught me by surprise...they had opened and popped their tiny seeds all over the porch. 
(taken in early June)
 I spent quite a bit of time, picking them up one by one and stashing them in a jar. These are the things we do for dreams of a lupine meadow...

Later this afternoon, I'm off to town to buy vinegar and canning salt, then I'll head to the Green Mountain Girls Farm for dill (and other good stuff). Can you guess what I'm up to?


  1. I'd love to see and entire field of lupines! That would be amazing. I'm guessing you are up to some canning:) While I do can a little each year, this year I've become a little obsessed with it. I started off with a small batch of rosemary peach jam. I've bought some new books on preserving and pretty jars. I'm really excited to try out some fermentation recipes!

    1. rosemary peach jam sounds so exotic and delicious!

      i can't keep up with my yellow wax beans, and so i am going to tame some into jars and make dilly beans.

  2. Will you make hay from the grass cuttings? or do the cuttings just remain in the field?

    1. the cuttings just stay out in the field. it's quite a wild mix of things out there, and i'm not sure it would make good mulch or feed.