Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, August 3, 2012

critters in the kitchen!

Our windowsill menagerie was getting a bit cobwebby,
so the critters had a bubble bath this morning.
They all ended up looking so fresh and chipper, I thought a
family portrait would make a fine header for August.
Our kitchen here at our "bit of earth" is on the small side. 
Clementine boxes are one of my "go to" storage solutions.
Perched above a windowsill, the tea towels and berry boxes
wait for their chance to pitch in to the hustle and bustle around here.
The wooden gizmo came back from Mexico with Hannah,
it's used to make divine hot chocolate.
Do you save rubber bands?
Ours collect on a nail until they migrate to a drawer.
(Would our grandmothers be horrified to learn that these days
folks actually pay money for balls made of rubber bands?)
Happy weekend, dear readers!


  1. Your post had me laughing, Karen. At first I couldn't figure out what sort of strange shellfish you were rinsing in your colander! Then I read your words and saw your fun header and light dawned!!
    Your kitchen looks so homey and practical - rubber bands on a nail! Makes sense!!
    Hope you have a happy weekend too, Karen!

  2. A bubble bath for the wee ones. Great idea. they make a cheerful header.
    I've collected rubber bands since I've been married. All shapes and sizes. Never had to buy a one.
    I guess I've always been a saver. When my mother worked in a shop while I was in college, she brought home all the bits of string she pulled off of packages she opened to shelve the products they contained. I tied each to each other and started a ball. I crocheted a bag from that string and used it for years to hold my clothes pins until the fibers just fell apart. Thanks for prompting that walk down memory lane.
    Happy weekend to you as well.