Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, August 17, 2012

sometimes having lots to do can paralyze me.
sometimes having lots to do can invigorate me.
this week i have been bouncing back and 
forth between these two possibilities.

eye doctor, dentist and back to school shopping with gretta.
(the very last time i will do back to school shopping,
and i've been doing it since our oldest 
went off to kindergarten in 1987)!
post-camp laundry (eeeew)!
volunteer work, ramping up as the academic year looms.
refereeing henry and javier, together again for a week.
multiple projects in the sewing studio (photos to follow).
catching up with a dear friend over soy lattes,
(thanks, stacy, for the breather).

what did i do when the paralysis set in?
true confessions?
 a boy meets world marathon with gretta.
browsing catalogs that arrived while i was in vt.

what do you do when paralysis gets to you?
or do you have strategies to avoid it?

do you like aubergines?
check back tomorrow for a guest post from gretta.


  1. 1. I find lists very helpful. 2. Especially numbered ones. 3. Back to school shopping - my heart quails. 4. Especially shoes. 5. Put at list 3 easy things at the top of your list that you can tick off immediately.

    Tick, tick, tick
    Pomona x

  2. For me listing also helps and I LOVE aubergines

  3. I'm right in there with you, Karen. I have a lot on my schedule these days (I'll be posting about it on my blog soon) and, when paralysis sets in, I escape down the rabbit hole of Pinterest. Yes, I succumbed!! Mainly, I love looking at beauty in art and nature, but it IS addictive! (not very helpful, I know!!)
    Enjoy your very last back to school shopping and time with Gretta!