Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, February 28, 2014

good bye february

Because I do not think winter is done with us just yet, I am casting on a new hat. I'm using two Vermont wools. The lighter is from the sheep at Shelburne Farms (a Christmas gift from our Gretta). The darker is from Sheep and Pickle Farm, just down the road from Fat Toad Farm. I bought it last summer, when we stopped by to visit during an Open Farmhouse Weekend. It feels good to have such lovely, natural colors working between my hands...another version of meditation.

I've also cut out another felt bunny, this time she will be a soft grey.  

Late February often inspires me to re-dedicate myself to healthier eating and as it turns out, March is National Nutrition Month. I am following along with purelyelizabeth's March Makeover, filled with simple, daily tasks to support better health. If you are feeling a little sluggish these days, too, check it out. Looks like some fine recipes will be posted there as well.

I am nearly done with 28 pieces of snail mail for February! It was fun to drop those envelopes into the mail slot, and find a few pieces in my own mailbox at the bottom of the driveway. Did you send snail mail in February? (Sometimes it felt a little Jane Austen-ish).

Bright blue skies today, with mountains of snow along the edges of every road and driveway. Cold, cold, cold, so no sign of melting soon. Because Batman is an astronomer, he believes that spring begins on March 1st and he is already fired up for garden planning. Maybe he can jump into the deep end of that on Monday when the next snowstorm will swoop through and Mother Nature will have her way with us.

What are you up to on this last day of February, dear friends?


  1. We did not have winter at all. It is so strange that spring is in the air, without the snow and cold days of winter. I really love the other bunny so i suppose the grey one will be as lovely as the other one. Keep warm and enjoy your knitting.

  2. I'm with Batman! I believe the first day of spring is March 1st! Thank you so much for that lovely piece of snail mail that I received yesterday! You're such a kind soul.... I need to try to be more like you...thank you!

  3. Oh boy am I ready for spring! I like winter, up to a point, but I've reached my limit. We're preparing for more snow this weekend. What am I up to today? Planning on going to bed early!

  4. Well here in Australia, the first of March is the first day of autumn - and it's already here! I am spending it in my late husband's little office, which I have decided to go through at last. My husband died three months ago after a long and valiant battle with his own deteriorating brain. And as I sort through the correspondence files on his computer from earlier years, it's wonderful to hear again the wit and intelligence that he (and his family) no longer had access to in recent years. And by the time our Spring comes round again in September, I hope to have regained the strength to face life without him.

  5. I'm glad that it's the first of March and although I am eager for spring, I have a feeling that there's much more winter left this year.

    I love the names of those farms. What fun!

    And thanks for reminding me that I wanted to make a hat this winter (and that there's probably still plenty of time).