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Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Month of Letters

I do love snail mail, both sending it and receiving it. I used to be much better about old fashioned correspondence, so when I read about Mary Robinette Kowal's February challenge I knew I wanted to join her. She is articulate and inspiring in her message. Read all the details here.
Yesterday, I bought some new postage stamps, so that I am well supplied for the month.
I checked on my stash of handmade envelopes and found these pretties, ready for addresses. 

Because I think of my Mumsie as the Queen of Correspondence, I am kicking off the month with a letter to her (but of course, her envelope will need to be turquoise).

Friends, are you in?


  1. This is an inspiring idea. If I took the challenge, I would not need to buy any postage stamps nor would I need stationary, as I have a variety of stamps and stationary. Now, to find the time.

    Happy Writing!

  2. I placed a hefty stamp order the other day. I surely send 23 items in a month! But I want to write letters to Knox friends and beyond my ordinary snail mail sphere!

  3. (All I want for my birthday is international postage. And pretty paper goods)

  4. Love this idea, Karen! Can't remember the last time I wrote a "tea" letter! You've inspired me!! xo

  5. OOPS- a "real" letter, not a tea letter! :)

  6. Love, love, love paper letters and making the notecards and envelopes that carry the words. What better time than the month of the heart to focus on the practice. So, you can be sure I'm in, Karen.
    A letter written beside a cup of tea is a lovely idea.