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Saturday, February 8, 2014

guest post from lindsey::duvet cover

Hello Sew & Sow readers! Mom and I have been been trying to be more crafty these days, and helping hold each other accountable. I have found that most of my projects that actually get done have some utilitarian value around the house. Lately I was noticing that my duvet cover (along with the duvet itself, a very generous gift from Mom and Dad when I moved to Boston 5 1/2 years ago) was getting a little faded and worn out, but I wasn't feeling very ready to buy a new one. Around the same time I fell in love with some fabric at Ikea which, as luck would have it, was exactly the lower limit of yardage for the top of a duvet cover!

This is definitely the most "advanced" project I have taken on at the sewing machine lately, and I learned a lot (french seams! twill snap tape!). Thanks to this tutorial, some customization (I made mine reversible for variety, and I'd suggest adding twill tape on the inside corners to hold the duvet in place), and a couple phone calls to Mom, within a day I had gone from buying fabric to sleeping under my new duvet cover! Here are a few of the steps (below) 
tutorial on the laptop, project on the table,
(roommates were good sports).
french seams
snap twill tape
twill tape to fasten duvet at inside corners
reversible to gray
I'd say the biggest challenges were managing that much fabric as I was sewing, and maintaining patience during the hours of pinning and ironing seams. The reward is really sweet and warm, though :) Thanks for your help, Mom!

(Heck, did all the work, I just reminded you to breathe!
Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous project with us!)


  1. WOW is correct, Suz. This is a fabulos job. I am appreciating all of the technical help, such as the twill tape. the snap twill and using French felled seams.

    This is an ambitious project. What kind of sewing machine are you using?

  2. Great job, Lindsey; welcome to the club!
    I do love the snap twill tape tip.


  3. Love your bright comforter, Lindsey! I agree - practical makes manifest. Now maybe an orange pillow with a sashiko fish?

  4. Wow! And did you say just one day? Impressive and beautiful!

  5. Thanks all for the kind encouragement! Kameshwari, I used my very basic and wonderful Singer Inspiration. It handled all of this very well, but the needle broke on my very last stitch so I don't think it would hurt to use a heavier needle when you're finishing up the last few seams.