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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

a tumble of things

Oh, friends, sometimes life is such a tumble of things. As summer fades into fall, all sorts of distractions have filled my days. I made a set of two monogrammed/appliqued tea towels for a wedding shower gift for "Sarah and Dan" and it was very nice to have my sweet Bernina humming again.

 Our good friend Tracy, from our college days came to visit for a bit. He is a vet, so of course, we had to take him to Dog Mountain. While we were up that way, we also went to visit the barn at Bread and Puppet again. We spent a morning at the Tunbridge World's Fair, too, where I fell for the beautiful oxen once again. We had a dinner party on Saturday night and ate right out of the gardens. There may have been s'mores around the campfire too, but we missed the northern lights due to cloudy skies.
There has been such love coming to my mailbox! (You know who you are...). Some wonderful cards and packages have surprised me...

A pitcher and handmade doily came from Sharon of Sallymomsprouts, and a beautiful Etsy order arrived from her talented daughter Anne, of MyGiantStrawberry.  The newest issue of Taproot magazine arrived last week, and it is full of goodness. (I also splurged and bought this, after much longing, and I am so glad I did.) Inspired by all this snail mail, I pulled out some lovely stamps and revitalized my own correspondence.

There are a bunch of fun things yet to share with you, dear readers, but they will have to wait a bit. I am sending each of you best wishes for a lovely time of seasonal transition, wherever you may live. 

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  1. Sounds like life has been full in the best possible way. And the mailbox, too. :)

    Thanks, again, Karen.