Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

september ninth

  • another cord of wood, stacked neatly into the woodshed (being full-timers, we now take winter even more seriously!)
  • the pumpkins are going from blush to full-on orange, tucked under their spiney leaves.
  • our first crop of onions, looking good.
  • we grew so many beautiful carrots that a bunch of them went to the local food bank.
  • last week it was summer, and then a storm that brought sparkling droplets cooled us off to autumn.      just*like*that.
  • i woke early and caught the harvest moon, setting in the west, as this season's typical "valley mist" rolled through.
Oh, the food we are eating...harvested, prepared and eaten within hours.

Pinch me. Is this real?


  1. I love reading about your new life! Those carrots!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes my friend, this is real... life; reaping what you have sown.


  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. :)

  4. Oh Beauty! And earth and the goodness and richness that it has to offer. Beautiful. I envy you. And some day, I have to have a farm of my own, to give it my hard work and sweat and to enjoy the sweetness of that labor.

  5. This is all so beautiful you are making me nostalgic ; )