Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, January 8, 2015

mending, dreaming and hibernating

After much consideration, I have decided not to do a post-mortem on 2014. Let's just say that the best thing about 2014 was moving to Vermont full-time. And that deserves an Hallelujah chorus!

2015 is rolling in gently for me, and I am soaking in the deep winter that has settled on this little place.  The low this morning was -15F.  We have had the Home Comfort going full tilt during the daytime to keep the furnace at bay, and so we have been cooking on it too. Today we roasted the last two sugar pumpkins from the gardens in its oven and I pureed it and popped one cup portions into the freezer. Did you know it's National Pizza Week? We'll be enjoying a made-from-scratch wood fired pie tonight, with thanks to our ancient workhorse.

With a nod to our humble and practical wardrobes, I have rediscovered my love of mending. Batman's old canvas barn coat finally lost a button and so I patched the hole and sewed the button back on. Is there anything so satisfying as a good mend?

Fully retired from his corporate job at the end of October, Batman and I have fallen into a companionable routine, hibernating at home most days, with forays out into the "real" world now and again. This will not last forever, but for right now it is a blessing. There is so very much in store for us in 2015 that it seems like we are charging up our batteries for what comes next.

(After much searching, we have finally signed a contract with a design/build firm. Oh, the ideas...)


  1. There is nothing as satisfying as a good mend, and you presented an excellent example of a good mend, here.

    Last week, the Haptic Constellation template arrived. Today I bought fabric, batting and threads for the project. Right now, fabrics are washing and I'm making room to assemble the project.

    Thank you for so many great ideas.

  2. That's not just a good mend; that's a perfect mend! I must say, though, I don't get much satisfaction from mending the dog beds....

    Congrats on signing a contract. That's an exciting step.

    Stay warm!

  3. Wonderful. I think easing into the new year can be such a good thing. Let those ideas percolate. Enjoy the hibernation and the pizza!