Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

reading and stitching apples

-Sometime in the fall, Bear Pond Books hosted an author's evening with Rowan Jacobsen.  He read from Apples of Uncommon Character.  After hearing him speak, I knew this book needed to be in our library at "a bit of earth".

-We recently had a houseful of guests (gardeners all), and the book was passed around as we had tea by the fire.

-One friend went home and selected a few vintage farming books from her collection. Last week, I was delighted to find them in our mailbox! Included was The American Fruit Book; containing directions for Raising, Propagating, and Managing Fruit Trees, Shrubs, and Plants by S. W. Cole, published in 1849. Carolyn noted that the books just "belonged" in our library in Vermont. Such generosity!

-I could not resist making a little zip pouch, appliqued with some green apples for Carolyn. I used this tutorial over at Noodlehead. I will pop it in the mail after the snow clears around here.

(Thank you for your kind thoughts, friends. Vermont is not in the direct path of the blizzard, but there is enough snow swirling up here to keep us home. Daughters Hannah and Gretta dodged the huge storm, but our Lindsey, my Mumsie, brother Doug and many other family and friends in the Boston area are in the eye of the storm. May the beauty of the storm outweigh the inconveniences!)


  1. Totally enjoyable blog… friends, fire, tea, good books and generous book folk. Nice to think about your building your bit of earth library with sweet old volumes that will be cherished, shared.
    Love your little sewn bags. I picked up a few fat quarters at River Road Quilt Shop yesterday that I plan to use likewise.
    Hope by now all friends and family have dug out from the latest round of winter. We're just not getting much of the white stuff here at our ridge meadow farm. Lately it's ice and wind and almost no sunshine. The brightness of good friends are getting us through the grey. (Thanks for shining on my days.)

  2. I'm digging the seeming-simplicity of the apples combined with the geometric white on black! Very peaceful. Thank you for sharing.