Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

tea and "on being"

I've been saving this hand screened fabric from Bookhou for ages. This morning as I sipped my Darjeeling and realized that the second cup would be lukewarm yet again, I decided today was the day to stitch up a wee cozy for my little tea pot. It holds just enough for the two cups that get me up from bed and to the breakfast table.  

I tried quilting with green thread up the stems, but decided I like using linen colored thread to stitch in the negative spaces better. I thought about trimming the bottom of the cozy with a few scraps of green linen, but decided against it, as I think it would have taken away from the delicate leaf pattern.

Best of all, I planned the project carefully and now still have some fabric left for yet another little project. I do love these bitter cold days in Vermont. After a brisk walk on the road, there is the lure of my cozy studio. As I worked, I listened to Krista Tippet's interview with the amazing John Lewis, a man who had me in tears as I listened. The Art and Discipline of Nonviolence. 

(The lovely tea cup is made by local potter Judy Jensen).


  1. Perfect little tea cozy! I love the elegance that comes through with the use of "negative spaces."

    I will listen to the interview. Oh! I see: "on being" is another link to a great resource. Many thanks.

  2. Perfect! My tea and coffee are always getting cold and I keep thinking I should make cozies for their pots. Yours turned out wonderfully. And does it keep the tea hot?

  3. Would you like to do a little tutorial on the tea cozy? I make my tea in an extra Mr. Coffee 4 cup coffee pot (really 2 cups). Is that the size of yours? I loved that interview. I am a very early riser. My Sunday morning ritual is listening to On Being on my headphones at 7am while puttering around the kitchen trying not to awaken anyone else in the house. I want to be the pilot light, and ignite those around me to greater love and action.

  4. Thanks for your tutorial like on my blog.