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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

a week has flown by

It has been snowing all day long here in Vermont. Cold, windy and grey, it has been a good day to stay inside and get caught up on so many things, including my sewandsowlife. 

Last week I went to Massachusetts, to kidnap my Mumsie and get her out of her snowbound house. Visiting family and doing errands and eating good food filled our time. Then it was back to Vermont for me, and two of our kids and a beau tumbled into the house the next day. Hannah donned her newly finished leg warmers (she politely said she had forgotten all about them and was delighted to have them). We adventured on muddy roads over to Fat Toad Farm to play with the sweetest baby goats and Icelandic sheepdog puppies (love). On Sunday morning we all tried to do this, and ended up laughing a lot and pledging to do some practicing.

You might remember that Batman retired from the corporate world last fall. Then he rested his weary soul for four months. A few weeks ago, he started working at a new job, one that we used to talk about when we were dreaming our Vermont dreams. The Bank of Good Karma dropped it in his lap, and he is having so much fun. Our lazy days of late breakfasts and "what do you want to do today" conversations are gone, but new routines have formed and we are back to sharing stories of our days at suppertime.  

Today, phase one of our renovation project officially began, as evidenced by the photo above. This old gem sat in a corner of the basement, next to the washing machine, not far from the furnace. The throne room indeed. We'll get a post up on the rehab blog soon, as the project gains momentum. Getting-so-excited.

Oh, life, you are rarely dull. Thank you for that.

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  1. Just had to come back and say how much I love the photo of you with that sweet goat!