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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

sometimes this happens

A confident knitter I am not. As long as everything goes along as required I'm just fine. But sometimes I realize I've knit when I should have purled. A few rows ago. Oh, how I do panic. And I just loose my nerve and set the project down. I go back to have another look at it once or twice, and finding nothing but mystery, I begin to avoid the project. And then I feel a bit haunted by it. There is clearly no progress and I feel badly.

These gorgeous and very simple leg warmers fell into a deep hibernation this winter. (Pattern here.) They were supposed to go to Hannah for Christmas (I told you the hibernation was deep!). I really don't know how the ribbing got off track, but it did, and they languished in a basket under the coffee table for months. (She hangs her head in embarrassment). 

A very wonderful and very Vermont thing came to my rescue. Did you hear this story on NPR about Front Porch Forum? An online group for neighbors, Front Porch Forum allows users to post a variety of needs/wants/trades/info. I finally posted a wish for a knitting guru. Within minutes, my inbox was filled with offers of help, and very kind invitations. A group of knitters gathers at our local library every Monday evening to knit and chat and wouldn't I like to come and join them? 

Oh, I did feel a flood of relief. Each person's response was warm and genuine and each offer of help made me feel more hopeful about my leg warmers. Several very stormy Monday evenings came and went and I stayed home. But last night, encouraged by the warm temperatures and extended daylight, I made my way down the hill and into the circle of women. Teachers, grandmas, farmers, old, young and in between (such fabulous knitters they are!)...I fell right in with them. My knitting snafu was solved and I have been knitting up a storm since. 

Sometimes we just need to ask for help. This is something I am working on. 

I am so glad I did. I have moved past the glitch in my knitting project and I have found another layer of connection in my new life...women gathered by creativity, craft and community.

These knitters, along with the quilters I have found in the VTMQG are starting to feel like my tribe.

How about you? Do you have a tribe? How did you create it?


  1. I'll start hosting a creative, crafty, local / regional, maybe even (inter)national tribe by tomorrow in a community centre in a village nearby. I am so curious how it will work out and if / how many people will be joining in.
    So lovely to see you have found your tribe!


  2. That is a lovely story especially for you in a new community. It seems to be confined to the States?
    I find the Revelry community really helpful for knitting questions but to have someone 'do' that little thing for you is lovely.

  3. How wonderful! And I have to laugh because leg warmers have been my mental crafty to-do list. Thought they'd be an easy quick project and that they would be great to wear in the winter. Totally forgot about it. Guess they still could be good for spring...