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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

fabric adventure

On the design wall at 
Gudrun Sjoden
in SoHo, NYC.
Trimmings at Mood Designer Fabrics
in the garment district, NYC.
Bolts of lovely cottons at Mood.
The happy bride to be, after we found just the
right pattern and fabric for her wedding dress.

Oh what a wonderful long weekend, when I packed more into four days than I thought humanly possible. The main mission was to meet our Gretta in the garment district in New York City on Saturday, and to find the ingredients for the PERFECT wedding dress. Mission accomplished!

My dear friend Liz and I met Gretta at Grand Central Station on Saturday morning. Liz has been an "other mother" to Gretta since she was in the second grade, and we required her impeccable taste on this quest! Gretta was our "cruise director" and had our day mapped out for us. We spent time at iconic Purl  SoHo and gorgeous Gudrun Sjoden , then had lunch with the groom.  Then we ladies found our way to famous Mood Designer Fabrics, host to many a frenzied episode of Project Runway. Merciful heavens...that place is huge! So many floors and bolts and bolts of fabric, trim, ribbon, name it, it's there! The store was filled with a Saturday's supply of interesting shoppers, from many walks of life.

We looked and looked for just the right fabric and as the store warmed up and got more crowded our optimism began to fade. Just then, Liz looked up and noticed a possibility. As Gretta and I lifted the pile of bolts and Liz dragged it our into view, all three of us "ooooooohed" and we knew we had found the magical fabric.

With the 4 yards tucked safely in a bag, we found our way to some refreshment and a spot to rest our weary legs. That's when I snapped the picture of Gretta, relaxed and happy to know that her vision of a casual, magical dress is closer to becoming a reality. 

Sorry friends, you will have to wait until August to see the dress. In the meantime, I must make a version in affordable cotton muslin, find my way back to Gretta for fittings, sew up the final version and cross our fingers for a sunny, breezy summer day!


  1. This is so special, Karen - I love that you're making Gretta's wedding dress. Absolutely touching! Can't wait to see it - she will be a beautiful bride!

  2. Those pictures are like fabric paradise. All those whites, i can imagine a quilt in only wites....... Gretta looks already very happy, so i think you both found the perfect fabric for her dress.