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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

my first "scout tee"

The Scout Tee from Grainline Studio has been all over the internet and has gotten rave reviews. The pattern's simplicity invites makers to play around with it, to embellish or adjust. The price for a hardcopy pattern is a bit steep, but I finally broke down and bought one at nido a few weeks ago. It comes nicely packaged, with a very clearly illustrated and written instruction booklet, and it has multiple size lines on the pattern, fitting sizes 0-18. To extend the life and flexibility of a multi-sized pattern, I trace the outline of the size I need onto a product called Pattern Easy. This leaves the original pattern intact and ready to use another time. It also leaves the option open for making another tee in a different size.
  (my hand traced pattern on the left, original Grainline pattern on right)

I cut out my first Scout Tee yesterday afternoon and got most of it stitched up by suppertime. This morning I sewed the sleeves on.  I found this gorgeous Carolyn Friedlander  fabric at Gather Here Stitch Lounge while shopping with our daughter Lindsey in Cambridge this weekend (we had such a fun time with a small group of family)! What I love about this pattern is that it makes a flattering and comfy tee shirt with a woven fabric, rather than a more traditional knit. Perhaps designer Jennifer Beeman has opened Pandora's box for many of us sewers! It went together easily and it's appropriate for a beginning sewer. I have some Liberty of London lawn and some fabric by Geninne set aside for more tee sewing next week.

Have you tried making a Scout Tee? If you have, how did it go?
We stayed at my Mumsie's house on Saturday night and I thought you all might like to see this bunny in very good company, on the back of Mumsie's sofa.

By the way, we got a couple more inches of snow overnight up here in Vermont. Please send spring thoughts our way. Thanks.


  1. Ah, how fickle is Mother Nature's mood in spring. We had a hail storm at dinner time today…I'll post photos on my blog tomorrow. So glad I didn't put any veggie babies in the ground this weekend.
    Love the tee. Just the thing for the weather that is on its way. It will be warm soon. It's a mantra I've been repeating, and repeating. Grin.

  2. Lovely scout tee and bunny too! Sending warm spring wishes your way. :-)

  3. I'm sending the biggest, brightest, floweriest spring thoughts your way that I can muster. Hope they will help!

    Your scout tee looks great. Wonderful suggestion using Pattern Easy. I've never heard of it before, but I may have to get some. I think it would be great for modifying a pattern or for combining parts of different patterns. I'm looking forward to seeing your next tees.