Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, April 20, 2015

fickle spring

Batman saved some of the apple branches when he pruned the trees in February. A handful are now sitting on the windowsill, just beginning to open, showing their tiny leaves. 

Spring has been fickle here in Vermont...swapping sunny and slightly milder days with colder, damp days, with a few more hours of snow just this morning.

This weekend was especially gorgeous, inspiring us to get out and rake up the swaths of gravel that the snow plow left on the lawn. Batman fertilized the lawn, anticipating the wedding carpet we're hoping for in August. Fall-planted garlic and perennial chives are up, spinach (thanks Sharon!) and lettuce seeds have been sowed.

Standing above the meadow, hands on hips, eyes gazing at the horizon...this has become our ritual of gratitude...noticing the maroon haze of  tree buds dappled among the evergreens. This is our first spring as full-time Vermonters and it is a gift to watch it move across the landscape, day by day.

Nearly a week of rain is in the forecast. Tea, reading, knitting and sewing will be the fun parts of my "to do" list. How about you, friends, how is your spring (or fall) rolling out? 

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  1. Oh what a romantic hubby to save the branches. I never thought to do that. Spring has arrived here with a bunch of sunny warm days and to keep us humble...... Our share of storms. I never realized the standing before the garden before I go inside was a ritual of gratitude.......I guess when you embrace gratitude it is abundant Love your tales fromVermont