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Friday, August 14, 2015

the birch wedding (in candids)

the bachelorette party.
goat's milk caramel fondue and cider tasting.
and, of course, time with the goats.
(kate, the bride, hannah and lindsey).
friday night's "nearest and dearest" gathering for 30.
grilled pizzas crafted by my brother doug, sister-in-law ra 
and gretta's fairy god mother, franny.
(15 pies...fresh fig, bbq chicken, olive and spinach...
every one of them was different and fabulous!)
bounteous cookies baked by hannah and lindsey.
we borrowed yard sale flatware from my friend ellen
(thank you!).
a gathering of chatty and fine women 
tied 100 bundles on saturday morning.
12 vases of wildflowers gathered by the bride and her sisters.
each table was covered in brown paper and 
set with a bottle of bubbles, a pack of crayons and these lovely blooms.
on sunday morning the bride and groom 
cut out and saved the drawings and
best wishes that their guests had doodled.

the groom baked the maple cake himself.
there were hand cranked maple creemees.
the maple red ale came from bent hill brewery,
(which we can see from our house.)
i'd call that local.
there was also woodchuck cider and wine and lemonade.
in the tradition of quaker wedding certificates,
my mumsie and our lindsey collaborated on this beauty.
guests signed their names and it will be framed 
to hang in the newlyweds' home.
(batman and i have ours hanging here in vermont).
the groom's mama stitched the couple a lovely little quilt.
it was draped over the birch arch, which was twined with
black eyed susan blossoms.

the wedding itself was filled with singing,
amazing poetry, a time of deep silence and very special vows.
folks came from all over the country.
we were so blessed by their gathering.
badminton, corn hole and lots of chatting followed the ceremony.
then the catered taco bar.
later, there were fireworks and s'mores over a campfire.
lots of folks pitched tents in the yard
and joined us for lindsey's fresh baked scones
on sunday morning.
and mother nature outdid herself for us.

gretta and ben had an extraordinarily magical day.

(with many thanks to the bride's sisters, hannah and lindsey
for all of these fun photos).


  1. Such beautiful photo's, lucky guys you were with the blue sky and those lovely small white clouds. I love those kind of clouds. You can really sit and be happy now!!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. It looks like it was the perfect wedding and the setting was just gorgeous. Memories to last a lifetime.

  3. Each and every element prepared and presented with such loving hearts. What a deeply beautiful occasion. Your mumsie was over the moon happy about the day when I spoke with her! Thanks for sharing, Karen. xo

  4. Perfect. Beautiful and meaningful and I hope a lot of fun.

  5. It sounds magical. May the rest of their life together be magical, too.

  6. It all looks and sounds so special and wonderful.

  7. So, so wonderful! I hope you can feel my joy for you all because I can certainly feel the love, warmth, and happiness in this post.

  8. It all looks so perfect! I'm so glad it went well for you all. Many congratulations to the happy couple xxx