Wednesday, August 12, 2015

marking the hem

  (a bit wrinkled, it looked much nicer after a proper pressing!)

When marking a hem, I use the old fashioned method of having the person step up onto a chair, while I sit on the floor and hold a yardstick to measure the distance from the floor to hemline. I use straight pins to mark the hem.  

Our funky little house has very low ceilings, so we ended up in the woodshed to accomplish the task. It's sloping shed roof allowed plenty of room for our tall bride. Since the skirt of the dress was made of eyelet, we sewed in a lining as well, so there were two hems to manage at the same time.
The bodice was stitched of white Kona cotton, and the lining was as well. Perfect for a warm August day. We bought the eyelet in April in the garment district of NYC, and it looked gorgeous in the summer sun. We used Simplicity pattern #1800, with modifications. Gretta loved the pockets, but in the end, we thought the lines would take away from the eyelet, so we opted out of those. I also added the skirt lining on my own.

The groom wore a snappy vest made a dear friend. Both the bride and the groom walked down the aisle barefoot in the grass.

We are still waiting for more pics. xo

...and now our yard is muddy and torn up, there are big men and machinery crawling all over the place, we are packing up furniture and other possessions (once again) and I really hope we don't have an early winter!!! Whew! 


  1. Beautiful. Can't wait for more. And isn't it good timing to have the little distraction of reconstruction to help keep the enormous emotions involved with this beautiful event from overpowering you? Congratulations on both major milestones at your little bit of earth. Holding you in my heart as the summer continues.

  2. ......and breathe! - it has been a whirlwind few months hasn't it?! Beautiful fabric! I look forward to seeing more pics of such a special day.

  3. So special that you shopped for the fabric together and that you made Gretta's dress, Karen. Can't wait to see photos of it finished. Hope the construction isn't driving you crazy!

  4. I cannot wait to see more photo's. Take a breath and another one. I hate haveing men around for working......