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Monday, February 22, 2016

kitty stitching

Do you remember the fox, and the two rabbits that I stitched with patterns from Alicia Paulson? Well, I recently stitched a kitty as a very belated birthday gift for my daughter-in-law. (I think sometimes grown ups enjoy a bit of whimsy). The Wellington boots "got me at hello".  The pattern included a knitted cowl, but I very much wanted this little kitty to have a spring shawl. I suppose she has no tail so that she can sit down properly, but if I ever make another kitty, I may just improvise an elegant twitchy tail. 

Have you been doing any stitching lately? 


  1. I love your 'puss in boots'. I have not stitched in ages - I think it would be good for me to do a little hand sewing now and again. :-)

  2. Love it, Karen! What a great gift!! xo

  3. This is lovely Karen, so beautifully stitched.