Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, May 20, 2016

the week in pictures

::MONDAY morning...seriously.
::TUESDAY trillium
::WEDNESDAY falu red and ferns
::THURSDAY the greening of spring is creeping up the mountainside across the valley

::FRIDAY planning this year's entry in the umbrella prints trimmings challenge.
for my entry from last year look here.
for all the gorgeous 2015 entries look here.
nothing like a deadline to light a fire under my butt!

what have you been up to this week, dearest readers?


  1. Now I am very curious to see what you come up with. I loved your design from last year.

  2. Gorgeous views of the mountainside even in the snow! :)

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  4. What a difference a few days make! xxx