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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

umbrella prints trimmings challenge 2016

 Here's the packet of trimmings I ordered from
Umbrella Prints in Australia.
I enlarged a star map of the Orion constellation, 
with help from my college sweetie and husband of nearly 37 years. 
He's an amateur astronomer and I welcomed 
his collaboration on this project.
I marked the stars on some black Kona cotton with chalk. 
Basting the reverse applique "stars".
Stitching the Umbrella Print fabrics under the Kona.
The pink basting stitches were then removed.
Once all the stars were sewn, I pin basted the top, batting and backing together.
 I drew some parallel chalk lines to guide the random quilting lines.
Once the background quilting was done with black thread,
I connected the stars with white quilting lines.
Orion's left shoulder is a "red star", often viewed as 
an orangey red in the sky. I embellished Betelgeuse with
some embroidery floss. 
Here is The Orion Nebula found in Orion's sword,
created with tiny French knots, using white embroidery floss.

This is the completed wall hanging, over our bed.
One of our favorite constellations, 
we watch Orion move across the night sky here
in the Green Mountains of Vermont during the winter months.

(Try as I did, I just could not get a sharper image of the whole piece.
I hope the more detailed pictures will help 
give you a better idea of the work).

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  1. What a beautiful wallhanging you made . For me you are number one.

  2. What a really lovely and clever idea! It is just beautiful.

  3. What a really lovely and clever idea! It is just beautiful.

  4. Love it! I did a reverse applique Christmas wall hanging years ago. I enjoyed it...maybe I'll try doing another one of these times when I've gotten some grandchildren's quilts done.

  5. I saw your entry on Pinterest and was wondering how you made, thanks for the detailed photos which have really brought it to life for me, just lovely. Black or white are always hard colours to photograph and show details with.

  6. So clever and so beautifully done, Karen. Love how special it is to you and Peter also. Fabulous!! xo

  7. This is really gorgeous, Karen!

  8. Oh so fine, Karen. I imagine I'll see it in my mind's eye often this winter when gazing at Orion's belt outside the upstairs sliders. Nice for you both.

  9. I'm shaking my head in awe. I can't believe how wonderful this is, and what an artist you are!