Wednesday, January 11, 2017

a birch coat tree

One of our beloved birches had to be cut down during renovations. Batman executed my whimsical idea with great enthusiasm. (And friends, we need all the whimsical we can find these days, eh?) The trunk was made upright and sturdy by repurposing a Christmas tree stand. Batman drilled four holes at an angle near the top of trunk and glued some dowels firmly in place. Tomorrow we'll attach the base to a slab of plywood that he cut into a circle and treated with a few coats of tung oil. Voila! Additional hanging space, just in time for our annual snowshoeing weekend, with a houseful of very special people arriving in layers of vests and jackets...


  1. That is a fantastic idea Karen! We had to cut down a birch tree a couple of years ago and its trunk lies in the greenhouse. I think it may be re purposed after seeing this!

    1. YES! Post a pic when you've got it finished?

  2. What a lovely re-use of the birch...and has given it a whole new life!

  3. Thanks. I love having a bit of birch right inside the door!