Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

happy spot?

hello 2017!
(photo taken at the basement door)
there is so much to do this year!
i look forward to sharing so much with you, dear readers,
and to seeing what all of you will be up to!
it's a sleety afternoon up here on the ridge.
everything is icy.
it's hard to imagine blueberries right now, isn't it?
and the wind was very busy these last few days,
sculpting drifts around every corner,
and sweeping things bare in other spots.

since some of us are feeling a bit, shall we say...
about how this year may play out,
i thought it might be fun to share one thing 
each of us is really looking forward to in 2017.

batman and i are super excited to be 
hosting another wedding reception 
here at our "bit of earth"
in june.

lindsey and her scott are gettin' hitched!

what about you, dear readers...
is there something you are really looking forward to in 2017?

please do share it here in the comments...

maybe we can create a happy spot here
at sewandsowlife...

(and take a peek at my inspiration for 2017 in the sidebar)


  1. That's great news, Karen, about the wedding in June.
    I am looking forward to the birth, in April, of another baby in the family; third child to my son and his wife, fifth grandsweetheart to me.
    Nothing/no one's more precious to me. A blessing it is, no matter whether it is the first or fiftiest new little bundle of love and joy.


    1. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! Such lovely news, my friend. I send all of you my very best wishes and hope for a safe delivery of this newest delight! xo

  2. Lovely welcome news Karen! I am looking forward to doing lots of painting this year and re-discovering my love of watercolours! :)

    1. Oh, do have fun, Simone, working with your watercolors! My dad was quite the watercolorist and I loved to sit near him and watch his paintings spring to life on paper.

  3. Congratulations on the wedding! I am looking forward to attending Quilt Con in Savannah. It's been quite a journey with my local guild. We are entering our fifth year and the friendships that we have formed feel as though they've been a lifetime of shared experiences.