Thursday, January 19, 2017

a tool kit for january 20, 2017 and beyond

#1. This is important. Reacquaint yourself with the Constitution of the United States. Review the Bill of Rights. You can read it all here.

the Vermont State Capitol Building in Montpelier
(please notice that the building abuts a wooded hill...)

#2. Have the addresses and phone numbers of your political leaders handy. Have a few postage stamps around, too. Raise your voice. Let your leaders know where you stand on issues and ask them to be accountable to their constituents.

#3. Be an ally for those who are feeling marginalized and threatened. Be an upstander rather than a bystander. 

#4. Identify what really matters to you and donate money and/or time to organizations that work on these issues. Find charities you can trust by clicking here.

#5. Consider organizing or participating in direct action.  Write letters to the editor. Network. Collaborate.

#6. Learn about non-violent communication. You can read about it here. If this intrigues you, practice it with friends and colleagues. Especially those who may have different opinions than yours.

#7. Continue your education...take a class, hang out at the library, read things that challenge your own status quo.

#8. Practice self care. Eat well. Get good sleep. Move. Meditate. Create. Ignore the media once in a while.

#9. Open your home to friends. Host a potluck. Invite friends to a poetry reading. Have a dance party. Gather for a craft night. Do jigsaw puzzles together.

#10. Stay in touch with loved ones. Text. Email. Phone calls. Snail mail. 

#10. Get outdoors. Visit Mother Nature's Cathedral. Just sit in the quiet and breathe.

What would you add, dearest readers? What is in your tool kit for these most remarkable times?


  1. I love this list. Thanks for the reminders!

  2. love this....I would add....
    'switch off fro social media every now and again'
    I have to keep sane! xxx

    1. Absolutely, Lyn! Tuck the computer away for a bit, eh?

  3. What a great list and excellent links, Karen. I have added them all to my reading list. And yes, so important to become a do-er, writing, participating, learning. Thanks for such a wealth of suggestions. I would add - take in more light (something I need) - sunlight, the light of learning, the light of love. xo

    1. YES!
      Let's not forget the LIGHT!
      Excellent reminder, Judy!

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  5. I love this list.

    I'd like to augment #6 to include reading things that aren't completely in line with your point of view to, perhaps, practice being open and avoid confirmation bias.