Saturday, February 11, 2017

quilted rug made of old jeans

come on in to our 
"room of requirement",
just off the kitchen.
(the door is the original entry into the hunting cabin,
when our home was just one room...years ago,
back when we were still only dreaming of
living in vermont).
part pantry, part overflow guest room,
this room sits over our root cellar.
(WE artwork from bread and puppet,
little birch table made by batman,
pencil sharpener from my dad's studio).
the floor in here is icy cold during the winter months.
so, i made a quilted rug to cover the trap door 
and protect cozy feet as they hop out of bed. 
(strawberry serigraph by our gretta).
i cut up a stack of old jeans,  and 
used an improv technique to piece them
together to make the rug.

my old painting jeans, speckled with falu red made it into the rug,
infused with memories of sweat equity! 
curtains made with my gram's old tablecloths,
a quilt made years ago from a much loved, old chambray dress
and now this rug.

this little room
is full of 
recycled, repurposed,
handcrafted and sentimental
and underneath its floor,
our homegrown
 carrots and beets sit in buckets of sand,
and onions in mesh bags
and crates of spuds.

my kind of resistance.

i'll put together a simple tutorial 
for the rug sometime next week
and share it here.

(this was how the
room of requirement looked
in the midst of the sprucing up).


  1. Precious bits gathered in reverence and given the respect they deserve.
    I think including the falu red is a stroke of genius by the way. I feel the love from here.

    1. Sharon, I so appreciate your thoughtful comments. Looking forward to the Handmade Joy Exchange!

  2. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

    Gotta move my patchwork jeans project up the to-do list (which somehow doesn't ever get any sorter. How does that happen?). :)

    1. Thank you so much Anne! It was super fun to make. :-)

  3. Your creativity SHINES! Looks like a cozy room to dream the night away. Will be waiting for the tutorial on the blue jean floor covering.