Wednesday, November 7, 2018

a birthday quilt for maggie

 Our dearest little Magpie turns one year old today.
Yesterday was cold and rainy in Brooklyn,
so she opened her package from
Grandma and Gramdpa in Vermont a day early.
(She had an inkling of what might be inside).
 Her Mama wrapped her up in her new quilt
and they had a little snuggle time
before heading out into the world.

This little cutie pie has the most precious of smiles.
She's a city girl who charms folks on the subway and buses that 
rumble along her commute.
She's a "reeder" who loves her books.
She loves her veggies.
She and her Mama and Papa make such an adorable family.
Thank goodness for technology that allows all of us to stay
in touch with her as she grows before our very eyes.
 This is the fabric that started the quilt.
I could not resist these wee critters.
 I used this book that I bought in the early 2000's
to create the Seminole strips.
Maybe you noticed the birch fabric added here and there?
When I spotted the grey gingham checked fabric
I knew it would make a perfect binding.
And how about those elections?
I can't seem to get enough of those amazingly gorgeous smiles
 on the faces of the women
who are shifting the balance of power.

I'm guessing someday you will have a few things to say
about how the world is run.
Grow strong and brave and joyous,
little one.

with love from your Grandma in Vermont.


  1. What a special, beautiful quilt. It must feel so good to be able to create such a thing. It is truly a work of art, and you are an artist. She is a beautiful child. Is Maggie her name or is it a nickname for Margaret? We had planned to call our Margaret "Maggie" but somehow, she stayed Margaret, with a nickname or two from friends occasionally.

    1. Nan, you are so very kind. Maggie's given name is Margretta...a name that has been in our family for many generations. Maggie's mama is also a Margretta, but she goes by "Gretta". My favorite nickname for our wee grand baby is "Magpie". xo


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