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Monday, January 23, 2012

a giveaway winner and an invitation

I want to thank you all again for your sweet comments last week. I appreciated every single one of them. This morning, I pulled a name out of a bowl, and the winner of the notecard giveaway is Sarah, at TD Wool Designs. Please send me your snail mail address, Sarah, and I'll get the cards into the mail right away. 

Sometimes at this time of year (especially this morning, when there is freezing rain falling outside) I begin to feel like I'm spinning my wheels just a bit. My "to do" lists begin to blur together, my energy slips, my intentions get foggy...maybe you know this feeling? Well, lately I have been enjoying a few different partnerships with folks I admire and respect. I have created "accountability partnerships" with them. One is a local friend, and we get together periodically to set goals and hold one another accountable to them. Not in a nagging, cranky way, but in a supportive and collaborative way. I stay connected with the other partner, someone who lives further away, via technology.

When we share our goals and aspirations, we write them down and "own" them, and commit to getting them done. Somehow, it's not so easy to push the projects aside for more "urgent" things when I have someone to answer to! Most of the things I've committed to are focused around creativity. And now that I think about it, Batman and I have created a partnership to boost our health by eating better and walking for exercise. 

So here's my invitation. Would you like to articulate just one thing you would really like to accomplish this week? Not something you should do, or need to do.  Just one thing that would make you happy to have accomplished by Friday. Something that might have otherwise gotten lost in the shuffle of the week's activities...

Maybe if we write our one goal here in the comments,  we can be motivated by accountability, and we'll have some fun things to celebrate on Friday. 

(I am going to sew up this apron, from a pattern I bought at Nido late last summer. I have been meaning to make it for ages. This week I'll just DO IT!)

Are you in? 


  1. I'm in. By Friday, I will finish with the straggler cards from the holidays, both pictures and thank yous.

    And put them in the mail!

  2. Congratulations to Sarah, though I think all of your readers are winners for knowing Sewandsowlife, Karen.
    Love the apron pattern and can see why it's sold out. (It's exactly the style I've been looking for.) Post a photo of yourself in it when it's done.
    Having a snow day here and catching up on several little things that have been nagging. I've been avoiding resetting the mouse traps in the basement, and thanks to your little nudge they are done (for the time being.)

  3. I'm in! I would very much like to finish my granddaughter's poncho by Friday. I like the idea of accountability partners. My husband and I are also working together to better our health.

    Love the apron!

  4. Make a birthday card with paint!

  5. I'm in, Karen. I spent all of yesterday and so far today doing things I HAD to do, should do and had committed to do. Now I'll commit to something I want to do. I've had an idea for a Matisse inspired portrait of my mother floating around in my head for 2 weeks. By Friday I will have an initial version done in cut paper and posted on my blog.
    Thank you for that!!

  6. i'm in, too. will have the log cabin quilt cut out by friday. it's a committed gift project but the design is a "want to do" one. will check back on friday. thanks. tqoe