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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

expanding my knitting skills...

There are many knitting projects in my past. Snug mittens, knit for friends in college. A lumpy, ill fitting sweater that I wore anyway. Many hats, muttons and scarves. Basically, I have stumbled through my knitting life, with mixed results.

With the encouragement of my friend M, I have decided to get things right and expand my knitting confidence, so I've been taking some classes with Cindy Zaref at Knitabilities. I took one class on learning to read patterns and charts, selecting supplies and materials, knitting a gauge swatch (ya, kind of crucial) and understanding abbreviations.

Then a two session class on moving from advanced beginner to intermediate knitter...all sorts of increases, decreases, picking up stitches and finishing. The photo above is my sample piece showing how to pick up stitches along the edge of a piece. WAY COOL!

Next week, M and I will venture into a three session class on knitting socks...something I never dreamed possible. Cindy is a wonderful teacher, and there's something invigorating about learning new things.

Have you been learning...or teaching, lately? 


  1. What fun that is!! I know for sure that i could benefit from some classes from my local knitting shop, but i'm busy making quilted things for our holiday craft fair gig right after Thanksgiving. I did recently give a cardmaking workshop as part of my Stampin' Up! demonstratorship...that was so much fun! I designed two relatively easy but attractive cards including some cool new techniques that i'd learned about on the internet, and the ladies all had a lot of fun, and successfully made the cards for themselves.

  2. Our parallel journeys continue...I took my first sock knitting class with a friend last month! Love the portability of sox - maybe I'll finish my second in the pair soon....:) Today I sat in a zipper class at my local sewing shop and learned 4 types of zippers which had always sounded scary to me - they're much easier than quilting I found!

  3. Paula-you sound busy, as usual. Will you post pictures of your "quilted things" on your blog? And card skills will come in handy in the next few months, eh?

    Debbi-yes, I have heard that socks can become addictive! Not sure I need any more fiber related addictions, but, oh well. Good to hear you are having fun with zippers. I remember ripping one out in 7th grade Home Ec class. Then I got one right and was so relieved!

  4. Your knitting looks very neat! Socks are great - once you have got the hang of the heel (which is not difficult when you know how), then they are so easy, and so portable - and so cosy when finished!

    Pomona x