Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Saturday, October 17, 2009

urgency in the air

Gary Gingko shed his golden leaves overnight, all at once. Poof!

A few days ago, we picked a handful of apples off our trees, came inside, washed, chopped and simmered them. Served the warm sauce beside some roast pork at dinnertime. That's local food. Dessert was figs, sliced in half, drizzled with olive oil, warmed under the broiler and served in a puddle of plain yogurt with a bit of honey (thanks for that one, Bill!). 
Last evening, Batman and I wandered down the road at sunset. We were surprised to see the plow flags installed along the road so soon...what does the road crew know about the upcoming snow season?
The late afternoon sunlight slants in a most gentle and peaceful way...
The neighborhood farmers have spent the last few days cutting the corn for silage. Tidying up in the fields. 

I counted twelve robins feasting under the crab apple trees. And a very plump chipmunk, too!

Batman and I are working hard at putting the yard to bed. The hammock and picnic table are snugged up in the garage. We continue to add to the woodshed, emptied the rain barrel, put up storm windows. You know how these lists are, they never seem to end. And each seasonal list has it's own pleasures and aches!

A pot of chili and cornbread with friends tonight...

Do you feel the season changing at your house?


  1. I am making chili and cornbread today too! So good for cold rainy weather. It really feels like fall out here in Oregon.

  2. Oh yes! I made lentil and sausage stew tonight. It just seemed like the right meal for the weather.

  3. Definitely feel the seasons changing here...seem to have skipped right over Fall and directly into's a very raw 39 degrees and raining. I made yellow squash, pepppers, onions, and garlic "stew" tonight...not quite chili, but winter-like in that it was more than just a quick summer stirfry.

  4. There's definitely a chill in the air here too! Storm doors in place, fall wreath on the front door, mums on the front stoop...
    And right now there is a combination of rain and snow pouring down!

  5. The leaves are all falling here at will see in just a few days!!

  6. Oh No! You mean I have to empty those rain barrels???!!! this is our first year with two - good thing I read your post! It's off to the garden tomorrow....

  7. friends, we all generate such a frenzy of activity!