Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, February 16, 2012

paring down my computer time

Simplicity implies clarity, calm, and focus, rather than distractions, stress, and excess. Lacking simplicity, our lives begin to lack integrity, and we become "not a self, but a committee of selves", pulled in many different directions by so many needs and wants and desires.
-this is an older version of what can be found here.

There is SO much out there in the world. We can find it and share it so easily these days. Once in a while I realize I need to step back and readjust my filter. 

In an effort to regain some balance, and after reading this thoughtful and well-written post, and this one, too, I have deleted my Pinterest account. And I felt an odd sense of relief. Now, isn't that interesting?

Is there any such thing as too much inspiration? Can we loose own own voices in the din? 

How about you? Have you found a recipe for a healthy relationship with the computer screen?


  1. I read my email, check on my kids on facebook, and check my fav blogs...then I reach deep inside and blog something on each blog if I can...then its to life...the living of it

    love the basket

  2. Daily lets me see my husband's face across the miles, allows me to open a window to my world for him to share, reminds me of my journey, and connects me to a handful of people whose ideas stimulate and challenge and inspire and comfort.

  3. Thank you. Very interesting post. I don't know where people find the time for all that stuff AND to be creative.

    Time to turn the computer off and get back to the sewing machine for me.

  4. Yes, Karen, I knew Pinterest would put me over the edge if I got involved with it!! I check emails, connect with friends and sometimes allow myself to wander around looking at craft blogs. But I know it's a time stealer and really try to limit myself! Too, too much!!

  5. I know what you mean. I took a month off from the internet last summer - and I got to spend that month in VT, yay! - and this was very healing and calming. I think internet breaks are a good thing and I plan to do it again next summer.

    I am online all day for my work and I try to keep being online at home focused on: personal email, a little Facebook time, blogging and reading blogs. I do use Pinterest, but I don't find it addictive and I think of it purely as an electronic notebook, a place to file images/links that I find useful or inspiring. I do try to always link to the original source too.

    1. Forgot to add that for me, with friends and family all over the place, Facebook, blogging and Skype are essential for connecting.