Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leaping into march

A perfect storm of odd karma swallowed me up in February. I lost my way, I lost my voice and I was a bit quiet here at sew and sow life. I would like to leave the details behind, along with the February days crossed off my calendar. I know from reading some of my favorite blogs that I have not been alone in this February funk.

Today is an extra day, and with snow falling gently here in Connecticut, it feels like a gift. Batman is in Mexico on business, so Henry and I are hunkered in. It feels like a good day to dust myself off, take a few deep breaths and turn toward a new month and a fresh outlook.  

Leap with me?


  1. Glad you are back! And wish you well in March and beyond.

    All we have on the coast is rain so please enjoy the snow fore me!

  2. Can you imagine anything more refreshing than green? Love the way you rendered the fern ... is that paper? Perfect backdrop that birch bark.

  3. Love the new banner photo- did you invest in that new camera you were coveting? The quality looks great. I keep wanting to call you and then realize that the hour is silly for such things- should tell you something about when I surface from my study schedule! Looking forward to resurfacing at home soon- after this crazy term! Thanks for reminding me to take deep breaths, both during mono and after :) xoxo

  4. sharon...thanks, yes , the green is heavy paper.

    gretta...alas, no new camera. we are living in "tight times". keep your nose in those books, girl, and you'll be home in no time, with plenty of time for catching up. can't wait. xoxoxoxo-marmie

    cowabunga. how much do i love that?

    thanks jamie.

  5. Sounds fine to me - a fresh start is always a good thing! Finally have a wee bit of snow here in MA and even that light dusting renews my spirit.
    Happy March, Karen!!

  6. dear karen, happy march!! i think that funk rolled up the street to my house, too. was soooo glad to see some icing on the cake of life! leaping intoa new month is just what's needed. take care, dear friend. xoxo tqoe

  7. Lovely post, Karen. Hope your funk turns around as the calendar turns to March!