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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This morning I watered plants, clipped dead leaves, dusted, ran errands, mailed valentines and an Etsy order (thanks, Deb!), and worked my way through a stack of paperwork.
I've been enjoying some tea while I  read my "board book" in preparation for upcoming  meetings.
I'm taking a welcome break to introduce you to a fun family project we've jumped into. Check out our family Etsy shop at TallReedDesigns. Stewart (in Oregon) teaches high school US History, Economics and Government. He's been stocking the shop with both vintage cards and his own photo cards. Gretta, our college girl (in Illinois) has listed lots of crazy/fun critters she's made from recycled clothing and buttons. She's also made little notebooks from recycled bits and pieces. (She is also feeling much better, after a nasty bout with mono.) Lindsey (in Boston) is loving her new job in a not-for-profit organization that serves low-income high school students, and has been sketching ideas for the shop while commuting on the T. And Hannah (in Ohio) and Batman have ideas! I've listed just one item so up-cycled grocery bag, made from bird seed bags and an old sheet.
Our shop is definitely a work in progress, but it's a great project to connect us over the miles and miles that are between us. It reminds me of the days when crafting supplies were spread out all over a table up on the third floor of our house outside of Chicago. There were theatre productions up there, the kids played school together and sometimes the model train chugged around the tracks in the glow of the street light outside. There was so much space up there that Lego villages could be left out and the kids could "skate" with their socks on the hardwood floors. Well, now I've gotten myself off topic. I invite you to pop on over to the pressure, just for fun! 


  1. What a simply delightful undertaking!
    Where and when "outside of Chicago"? Third floor sounds like Oak Park or Elmhurst or Evanston...
    Your photos are real art, Karen. I learn so much just looking at them. I'll strive to improve.

  2. 1984-1992 in an old Victorian
    1992-1996 in a big old stucco, with a third floor "ballroom", a most delightful "money pit"!!!

    both in La Grange, IL

  3. As always, I just LOVE the type of thing your family does together. Now I MUST get a paypal account! The whole idea of and name for a family etsy shop is really delightful! Wonderful items!!!

  4. LOVIN' the name for the new shop, Karen! And it appears the photo gene was passed on to Stew. I'm pondering some uses for Gretta's screen prints. . .this could be dangerous! Congrats on a great, creative idea!

  5. What a lovely idea for you all to do something together!

    Pomona x

  6. Congrats on the new shop! I can't wait to see how it evolves with all of the talent in your family.

  7. That is so wonderful that your family is doing the shop together! My brother just opened up an etsy shop too; I told him, "thank goodness! now I'm not the only etsian in the family!"

  8. What an excellent idea and so good to do it with the whole family. Ans so symphatic. I love those notebooks.