Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Saturday, April 14, 2012

birthday #56 giveaway

yes, i have been possessed by color.
and now i feel better, having stitched the colors
into a very simple pillow.
(it measures app. 15"x 20")
closed up in the back with my signature upcycled button placket,
this wonky homemade pillow is ready for a new home.

yup. i'm celebrating yet another birthday with a giveaway.
if you would like to have this pillow arrive at your house*, 
please leave a comment here or send me an e-mail.
i'll choose a winner on wednesday, april 18th.

good luck, dear readers! 

*i am happy to ship overseas, but due to shipping costs, it will be the pillow cover only to overseas readers. i hope you'll understand. xo 


  1. That is a beautiful wonky pillow with the most perfect colors, and would look fabulous with my sofa:)

  2. Pick me Pick me!!! Our house would make a great home for this beautiful pillow! You are talented, I am a huge fan!

  3. I'd love to have that pillow in my home!

    Happy Birthday, my mother from another . . . well . . . mother.



  4. Happy Birthday!
    Count me in please! I love the colours you've used!

  5. Happy Birthday.

    Beautiful colors. It would be nice to be a recipient of this pillow. For me though, I live with deep adobe colors of the Southwest U.S.

    But, I would love to know the fiber of the pillow. Is it linen with cotton decoration? The closure is exceptional! I love the pintucks. Your design and technique is to the home what comfort food is on a cold day.

    1. Yes, the base fabric is a linen/cotton blend, and the appliqued squares are cotton. The closure is cut from an old pintucked blouse, also linen.

      I love your last sentence.

  6. such beautiful joy in your work
    Happy Birthday are so young

  7. Is family allowed to enter??!?! Happy birthday Marmie!

  8. Happy Birthday Karen! Welcome to the Happy 50+ Club :>)
    Thanks for offering the chance to win that lovely pillow cover, as I live in The Netherlands.



  9. A very happy birthday Karen. I would love to win your pillow cover. I did not visit you earlier, I am too 'busy' with everything and I have BPPV, alot of vertigo's due to everything that's going on in the house and in my head!!!! Tooooo many plans, too many ideas!!!

    1. Deep breaths, Baukje!
      Hope things get a bit easier soon!

  10. Happy birthday, dear friend. May your new year ahead be rich with life's small pleasures.
    I so often admire your fabric choices for projects, each looking clean, natural, like home. A lovely idea to give someone else a gift in honor of your special day.
    Joy to you.

  11. Oh, Karen, this is so lovely. Love the colors!
    And I send you loving wishes for a very happy birthday, dear friend!!
    I love visiting you through your inspiring blog!

  12. Is it too nepotistic for me to enter the contest? I am in love with the COLOR!

  13. Oooh, I missed this post completely. Happy, happy birthday, Karen!

  14. dear karen, what a generous bday thought, a giveaway! i love the colors on the pillow and the spring-invoking and clean...i'd love to be picked, too. hope your day was frabjous! tqoe

  15. I love the vibrant strip of colours against the neutral background. It is gorgeous! Happy Birthday.

  16. I love the vibrant strip of colours against the neutral background. It is gorgeous! Happy Birthday.

  17. I'd love it, it's so pretty!

  18. tqoe would like to enter carly's name for the drawing...she'd love this pillow....thanks.

  19. Happy Birthday Karen, these colors are lovely and I love the closure, very clever!

  20. I'm not sure if this giveaway is still going on. Love those colors. That's so awesome that you saw the shuttle at the airport.