Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, April 22, 2012

do what you can. today and every day.

reduce, reuse, recycle!

check out the hulu clip here, a news broadcast from April 1970,
 the original Earth Day.
now i'm reminded and rededicated.
how about you?


  1. I was a teenager living in Milwaukee. It was a beautiful spring day with a gathering of young people at the Milwaukee Lakefront. The day was filled with peace, love and a promise of a beautiful summer and a beautiful future.

    I plan to spend this day in the garden.

  2. Now that I am steward of a few acres, I try even harder to keep earth day every day.

  3. Gorgeous daffodil! Bob & I met in an environmental club so it is a precious day for us. Planted lettuce at our house. Today I'm donating recycled plates to a dorm wing so we don't have to buy paper or plastic - Sat. I used resale vases for a volunteer appreciation dinner - but it took standing in the dollar store first before I realized what I was doing! Always learning:-)