Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28th

Batman, Henry and I left the corporate world, committee work,  paint rollers and brushes behind and climbed into the truck last night. As we drove north, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped and about 20 minutes from the house, we saw flurries in the beams of the headlights. After we built a fire in the Home Comfort and brushed our teeth, we snuggled under the quilts and fell asleep listening to the howling wind. Toast and tea this morning, then we bundled up and strolled the property. It was 29 degrees in the breezeway, but the sun was bright. Our children will be glad to see that the hops (above) came through the winter just fine, and are sprouting enthusiastically! 
The rhubarb had a bit of leftover snow cradled in its leaves. The apple trees look precariously undecided about what they are up to, and a report on the radio confirmed that many orchardists are worried about their trees as well. The forget-me-not that I planted last spring has self-seeded and there are pretty clumps of their bright blue flowers along the edge of my perennial bed (and remind me of my buddy, Potts). The grape hyacinths and daffodils that Batman has been planting over the years are spreading as well. 
We had planned to dismantle the huge peace wreath this weekend, but when we found this little nest under construction, we didn't have the heart to do it. We will leave well enough alone for now.

On the agenda for this afternoon? Napping, reading, more walking and a bit of cooking as we're having friends over for supper.

...and, ahem, could someone please explain to me how our favorite son has managed to turn 30 years old today? I am a bit flustered by this fact. Happy birthday, Stewart! xo


  1. Oh it sounds like the perfect place to relax and unwind. And a Happy Birthday to Stewart too!

  2. i'm looking out my kitchen window at the forget-me-not plants in my garden. Don't you just love them?

    Yep, Say turned 30 on April 12 too. Happy birthday to Stewart Reed! They were both just small, precious children running back and forth between our houses not too long ago, weren't they? I seem to remember a bout of the chicken pox, with lots of calamine lotion and lemonade, while "doing time" on shady front porches. Oh, don't get me started here...


  3. Glad to see the hops gettin' ready! (maybe we can have homebrew at my someday-future wedding)....

  4. Here's to life that's really living!