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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

bits and pieces

Today's post is an anthology of bits and pieces... 

As I've been cleaning out drawers and cupboards here in CT, I've added to my list of things to do. This pretty silver necklace that Batman brought me from a trip to Mexico needs a pouch sewn of tarnish preventing silver cloth. Fortunately I found some in my sewing studio, so this morning I'll be stitching up several custom sized drawstring bags.

We finished painting a bathroom, and now I need to come up with a simple and airy window treatment. Any curtain ideas for a room that tends to hold moisture?
 (photo courtesy of batman)
We headed to VT on Wednesday night. We did, indeed, get 100 balsam seedlings planted, with many thanks to our daughter Lindsey and her friends Dave and Melissa, who came up from Boston for an overnight visit on Saturday/Sunday.

On Friday, we took a road trip with my cousin Kristen and her partner Gary. We visited Cady's Falls Nursery and Elmore Roots. The gardens at Cady's Falls are meticulously kept and filled with inspiration. The motto at Elmore Roots is, "If it grows in Elmore, it will grow where you are." Both places are terrific resources for New England gardeners.
this collection of old wheels at Cady's Falls Nursery caught my eye
Batman and I bought two blueberry bushes and two raspberry bushes to expand the berry patch. I also bought a wild indigo and we added a peony plant to Batman's collection, and a trillium for the shade garden. It's just so dang satisfying to plant things in the ground up there, investing in our future.
We spent hours weeding, planting, mulching and breathing in our "bit of earth" this past weekend. We hauled the picnic table out of the garage and the rain barrel out of the shed. We had a great supper party
on Saturday night, with some of our favorite people around the table. We ate fresh out-of-the-soil baby bok choy and radishes from the Green Mountain Girls Farm. Some of us even saw the rings of Saturn with Batman's telescope and enjoyed the season's first evening around the firepit. It's hard to put into words what that place means to us. It is a balm, an oasis, an antidote, a dream coming true...


  1. What a wonderful post, Karen. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend. Hooray for your baby trees!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post, experiences and feelings.
    It makes me feel happy, Karen, all away down here in The Netherlands!

    I am so much enjoying the pillow cover :>)



  3. What an inspiration, silver pouches for jewelry! Think I'll stitch up some of those as well.
    I am SO glad to hear about your bit of earth weekend and all that you're putting into it. I feel my heart's beat in tandem to yours especially when you post about VT. Blessings. May your thoughts of "home" keep you each day you are away from it.

  4. Awesome weekend! I spent most of Sunday in the dirt too. It was great and now it's raining so the timing was perfect.

    For a window treatment, what about something really unexpected like paper valance? You can cut plain white butcher's paper with a scallop on the bottom and add a whimsical lace effect with a paper punch along that edge if you'd like. Cut it exactly the width of the inside of the window frame, fold the top edge of the paper under about an inch or two and then either tape it up from the back or around a thin slat of wood painted to match your trim and held in place with finish nails or tiny screws. Or what about a modern take on prayer flags as a valance? Or find a really pretty fabric shower curtain that's water-proof on its own and cut and sew curtains from it.

  5. It all sounds so wonderful, Karen. I am so happy that you have had this time together, investing in the future and your 'bit of earth'!!

  6. Ahhh! "favorite people around the table" and sitting around the fire pit sounds divine:)

  7. Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments. And Jane, I really appreciate all of your brilliant ideas for a bathroom window treatment!