Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

in one door and out the other...

dawn, after a very stormy night
at our "bit of earth".

I will not be back to our bit of earth for a few weeks and these are the things I will miss while I am away.
  • the false indigo and lupine are fully budded, and will likely be past blooming when I return.
  • the beautiful barn swallows, who swoop and chatter and dive at us.
  • the goldfinches, their blazing yellow dotting the balsams with color.
  • the four groundhog babies, nesting under the shed (and nibbling on the garden) and tumbling in the sunshine. 
  • the ritual of drinking tea and soaking in the view every morning
  • the welcome chill of evening air as it tumbles across the road and down into our open windows.
  • the good work of each day, the holding of hands around the dinner table and the comfort of sleep.
  • the whinny of the neighbor's horses deep in the night and the whistle of the train down in the valley.
Just safely back in CT, I'm reading, doing laundry and packing again. The next week or so will be a jigsaw puzzle of travel, work and fun. I'll post from the road... 


  1. When I read your description gives me the feeling that I have been there too. Dream of all those things till you are back. And have wonderful peaceful dreams. Don't forget to breathe those busy weeks!!!

  2. Your description of your bit of earth is so lovely:)