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Sunday, March 24, 2013

dreaming of bees

Feeling a wee bit overwhelmed with all that's been going on around here lately, I've carved some time out of this afternoon to do some day dreaming. As they often do, my thoughts floated off to the "when we live in Vermont full time" neighborhood. 

I've given thought to keeping bees. I've even taken a few workshops about bee keeping and apitherapy at various NOFA-VT conferences.

The tiny bee is part of the hardworking team of critters that help keep our natural world carefully balanced.  Like so many other species, they are having a very hard time. You can read about colony collapse and why it matters to everyone here. Here's a good read about some solutions to the problem. (Thank you Gretta, for sending these sources my way).

While exploring the Vermont Beekeepers Association's website I found this very beautiful Vimeo of bees close up, busy at work. I am intrigued by these industrious, cooperative and remarkable insects.

A few weeks ago, I watched this video, "Revive the Hive with The Beez Kneez Honey House" and donated some money to the Kickstarter project because it just plain old made me happy. (And maybe the crazy gals in antennae reminded me of my own girls).

There would be a learning curve for me, and start up expenses, and an electric fence to keep out the bears...but I think I would like to lend the bees a hand.

Thoughts? Have you kept bees? Know someone who has? Any advice? Cautions? Fun stories? Please leave a comment! Thanks. xo

PS What are you dreaming of these days?


  1. I remember seeing a beekeeping exhibit at the Topsfield Fair a few years ago, and thought it was fascinating. You have some wonderful dreams, Karen, and you deserve to have them all come true! xo

  2. Have had a similar dream of keeping company with bees, but admit much more on the list will have to come first. Will watch your endeavors with great interest. For now my MO has been "do no harm" and provide as much diversity as I am able on our few acres.

  3. Since my name "Deborah" literally translates as "the bee" I have always had an affinity for the little creatures. Busyness comes all too easily to me. Unfortunately I have an allergy that keeps me farther away than your dream - and what a lovely dream (except for that electric bear fence!) we buy our honey at the Morton Arboretum - perhaps they have info on their website?

  4. My Dad was a bee keeper, many years ago.
    He was a wise man.... I miss him.
    You deserve your dreams to come true!


  5. I'm dreaming of health! And I wish the same for the bees.

    Any bee would be lucky to have you for a mom/harvester.

  6. Great!! I hope u do what u want to do. I have been day dreaming about travelling with my travel mate to Japan and learning pottery.

  7. I would love to keep bees some day. Coincidentally, on our trip we listened to the audiobook of Return to the Olive Farm by Carol Drinkwater. Although it's not primarily about bees, a lot is discussed as the hives that were on the farm were all lost due to colony collapse.

    That bee ribbon is divine!