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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

june joys:sewing

A while back I was delighted to win a blogaversary 
bucket giveaway over at maya*made,
and I got to pick from several motifs,
 so I asked for scissors.
The bucket catches spools, bobbins, safety pins...
whatever my current project requires.
Maya's is one of the first blogs I ever started following,
and it remains one of my favorites.
I thought it only right to send her a little treat as well,
so this morning I made some balsam sachets,
with needles from our very own trees.
I followed instructions in this lovely book,
a gift from our Stewart and his Dawn.
I added my own homemade birch bark buttons,
because I am pretty sure Maya will appreciate them.

Most of my sewing supplies are still packed away, 
waiting for a rehabbed sewing studio,
and my wrist has recently been freed 
from a cumbersome splint (ugh!), 
so I was really, really happy to get this simple project done.


  1. These sachets are so lovely, Karen. Birch bark buttons - the perfect finishing touch! So glad your wrist is back in working order and that you can sew once again. BTW, I know how lovely your balsam sachets smell! xo

  2. Wonderful giveaway and wonderful sachets! Pine balsam is one of my favourite all time scents. The handmade button is a lovely personal touch.

  3. Those buttons are so lovely! I've been wanting to sew some sachets for my lavender. This inspires me to get going with that. Thank you!