Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This color.
This color that is June.
This color sprinkled around the yard
has woven a conspiracy to intoxicate me.
And then there is this.
Battered by the trip in the passenger seat of 
moving van #2, we thought our Meyer lemon
might be a goner.
But six weeks later, the breezeway is
filled with the scent of its many blossoms.
It sits on our three season porch next to my 
grandmother's Christmas cactus, both now official Vermonters.

As the solstice approaches, it is best to pay attention to these beauties.
Before we know it, the sun will soon pull us to the other side of the year.


  1. I can not think that the days will grow shorter all too soon! I have not enjoyed the summer yet!

  2. Joyful to know you have in your Vermont gardens some flora kin to those here in the driftless region. My meyer lemon is also happier, now that she is spending her summer on the back porch. Holding onto a few lemons and deep, deep green.
    Happy solstice.

  3. ooo - I love that last phrase, Karen - "the sun will soon pull us to the other side of the year."
    Besides being a wonderful photographer, I often think that you are such a creative wordsmith. Love seeing nature through your eyes...