Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, November 23, 2014

sewing, knitting and love

510 half square triangles later (what was I thinking?)
I am finally putting the quilt top together.
Remember my list of projects for 2014?
2014 ended up being a year fraught with surprises and complications,
so I am absolutely happy with just some simple progress on this list!
and I finished this little hat,
also begun months ago.

Krista Tippet is my "go to" voice for thoughtful conversation.
Her APM radio show On Being is one of my favorite places to listen.
Her podcast with Joanna Macy,  found here, is about 50 minutes long.
Entitled A Wild Love for the World,
it is inspiring, hope-filled and quite lovely.
I recommend it to you.
(Like Tara Brach, Joanna Macy embraces
the practice of insight meditation.)

Sometimes, when I am tucked downstairs in my sewing space
I love the quiet.
Sometimes I listen to tunes or news on the radio.
Other times, I love to listen to TED talks or On Being podcasts.
So many choices...

What do you like to listen to?


  1. I like to listen to New Dimensions Radio when I am not being consumed by Amy Goodman or Thom Hartmann.

    Here is a free until 25th November New Dimensions show with Matthew Fox on Meister Eckhart:

    I am appreciating the Tara Brach link that you shared with us earlier this month. Gracias!

  2. Love seeing what you've been up to in your down under studio. Half square triangles can be a beast to put together… so many points to line up. You've done a beautiful job. Can't wait to see how you decide to quilt it.
    I often wish I could do more than just knit and purl. Never learned how to put them together or read a pattern. Love the hat. A life long crocheter, I'm finally learning how to do Tunisian crochet after I found several pieces in Interweave Crochet that call for it.
    Will keep your links to meditation and music close by for the days ahead. Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.