Tuesday, August 15, 2017

you threw us a curve ball.

on top of all the shit*y news in the world,
you took our beloved "abi tim".

i will never forgive you.

comforting myself amidst the simplest of things.
my dear father-in-law died early yesterday morning.
he had lost consciousness by the time batman got to his side.
hearing is often the last sense to go.
i hope he heard all the murmured, loving words. 
(can we ever say "i love you" too many times?)
rest in peace you gem of a man.


  1. Holding you, Peter, and your lovely family close just now. Sending our love and sympathy.

  2. So sorry to learn of your loss. I'm sure he heard everyone's loving words as he completed his journey. He left his love behind for you to cherish.

  3. Thinking of you and your family karen. I agree that August has indeed been a shi**y month. x

  4. sending love and prayers and big hugs to all the reeds. xo tqoe

  5. I'm so sorry, Karen. Sending prayers of comfort to uplift you and batman at this sad passing. I am quite positive that the loving words, spoken and unspoken, helped him on his way.