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Sunday, August 6, 2017


This summer, Batman and I joined the 251 Club of Vermont. We had been meaning to do it for ages, and in our post wedding relaxation mode, we did a bit of research, sent in the application and now we are official members.

Here's the original idea...
I propose to organize a 251 Club to be made up of Vermonters and others who can show that they have visited, not merely driven through, the 251 towns in the state.
—Dr. Arthur Wallace Peach (1886-1956)

 You can read more about the club and its many members and their adventures on the website here.

Lately, Batman and I have been spending a bit of our Sundays exploring new territory in Vermont. Today, we drove up and over the Brandon Gap. Vermont's Long Trail winds its way through the mountains here, and crosses the road at the Gap. Photos above show Mt Horrid, where the trail goes up these cliffs. This is one of the few places in Vermont that provide habitat for Peregrin Falcons. In fact, many places to observe the birds are closed to protect the nesting birds. It was very windy and a chilly 57 degrees up at the Gap, and we were lucky to see a few from the road, wheeling on the breezes.
Another place we stopped along the way was Salisbury where we found this beautiful building. An honor roll is posted on the front of the building, listing the names of those who have fallen in service to the nation.
The Palladian windows surely are beautiful, but I'm really curious about the funky little peaks at the top of the building. I wonder if they are original...

Let me know if you'd like to see more snippets from our 251 ramblings. We sure are having fun finding places we have never been before.

Later today we pulled the garlic from the garden, Batman mowed the lawns and picked more blueberries and I finally finished doing a huge reorganization of my sewing studio. My "to do"list has been refreshed and I have a brand new iron. out!

I'll slay you yet.


  1. A great post Karen! I would love to read more about your 251 visits! Beautiful building in Salisbury. The little peaks remind me of a fairy tale castle! :)

  2. I thought of sand castles, Simone!

  3. I thought of sand castles, Simone!