Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, August 7, 2017

i'd forgotten how much energy is released by tidying up and organizing a workspace.
my sewing studio stands ready for a renewed commitment to making.

where are you in your creative journeys, dear readers?
how is the ebb and flow of your work these days?
what makes you the garden, the kitchen, your desk, your studio?

i'll be away from this space for a few days.
be well.


  1. Shamefully I often use tidying as a displacement activity but it is so much easier to be creative when you can find what you're looking for and there's no obstacle to getting started - and I see a lot in the Feng Shui idea that clutter causes stagnant chi! I'm fired up at the moment but gardening is a great distraction - much rain here means everything is burgeoning and there are always yet more beans! I hope your break away is a good one.

  2. Hi Karen, I hope your time away has been inspiring. I am just back from being away myself and hoping to jump in to some new projects. I do need to clear my studio, tidy and organize my supplies so that it will be easy to find what I need.

  3. I have been tidying the house for two weeks now and it looks like I am getting nowhere! Sifting through almost two decades of 'stuff' has been draining and yet liberating at the same time. I hope I will be inspired to be creative once the tidying is done. Enjoy your time away. :)