Thursday, October 26, 2017

rainy day stitching

My dear internet buddy Anne of My Giant Strawberry had one of her designs selected by Spoonflower for printing! I've ordered a few and sewed one up today. It's been rainy for a few days, and so these bright nasturtiums brought some cheer to my studio. You can find her tea towel for order here.  (One of Anne's watercolor prints hangs in our basement guest room, here).
There's some grand baby stitching going on too. Gretta sent me some fabric from her internship days at Ink and Spindle and asked me to make a jacket with the pattern I used for this one. I've decided to make it with flannel rather than quilt batting to make it a bit softer and less bulky.

I've been a devotee of Mettler thread forever. But now there is a lot of buzz around Aurifil these days. I'm giving it a try (I love the size of the spool!) Do you have opinions about thread? Please share!

If you'd like to see a peek at the latest incarnation of my sewing studio, look here. Be sure to check out the spotlights on other VTMQG members too!


  1. I recognised that print straight away! The colours look so vibrant! :)

  2. Love, love, love!!

    Sending you big hugs, good thoughts and gratitude.


  3. Great photo of Anne's design against the backdrop of your bit of earth.
    A little girl grand baby?? how lovely.
    I remember when Gretta was living her internship. Such a blessing that was. This birch and bird print will make the coziest jacket.
    You mention aurifil thread. I use it almost exclusively for my piecing and quilting. Coincidentally, I've been researching their line and have plans to order various weights for decorative machine stitching and hand work.
    Love your interview and the peeks into your sewing space.

    1. Good to hear about your experiences with Aurifil! My Bernina has headed off for her spa treatments. After stitching together for years and years, finally one of her very few plastic parts broke!