Wednesday, April 12, 2017

a month of stitching::day 12

Today I sat down at my Bernina with a scant two yards of
some Lotta Jansdatter fabric from my stash.
I really needed curtains for the basement guest room.
This room sits right off my sewing studio,
which is behind the shoji screen.
This lovely print of watercolored nasturtiums
is by my blogging friend Anne Butera.
You can find her Etsy shop, My Giant Strawberry Art
right here.
A few weekends ago, Batman and I stripped some old wallpaper
back here and he painted it a fresh and cheerful crystal blue.
The curtains came together pretty quickly,
but only after I zipped down the hill to our "five and dime" store 
for some double fold binding. 
(I really couldn't squeeze a hem out of those two yards!)
All of my long lost sewing and crafting books have been unpacked
and organized and I'm so happy to have them back.
The PATRIOT beet print over the dresser is from Bread and Puppet's
2006 "Homeland Security Vegetable Calendar".
We try to buy some of their "cheap art" whenever
we go to one of their performances.

Read the cheap art manifesto here.
(You will love it.)

There are fresh linens on the bed and towels on the rack
because we will have a houseful of family
this weekend for a wicked fun project.

My giveaway is still open,
check for details here.


  1. So much to love about this post, Karen! LOVE the cheap art manifesto! And what a wonderful tour of your guest room - love all the details, Anne's print, etc. and your pretty curtains! Such a welcoming space! Great work! xo

    1. Thanks, Judy. I can't believe we lived with that room "as is" for so many years. It really was a bit of a pit. Now it feels welcoming and brighter, much more appropriate for guests!

  2. I also have a print of Anne's nasturtiums here at the farm. They are so Anne!
    Have to ask you about the quilt over the guest room bed... did you do it? Who wouldn't love staying in this room? Enjoy your weekend project and happy birthday tomorrow.
    Easter blessings on you and yours.

    1. Yes, I made the "new York Beauty" in a class in the fall 2004. I used lots of plaids, stripes and colors that were way out of my comfort zone, just to do something different. I was tickled by how it turned out. It may have been the first time I tried free motion quilting, too. Batman says this is one of his favorite pieces I've ever made. xo (and thank you for the birthday wishes, dear friend).


      (for a better photo)

  3. Oooh, what a lovely surprise to see my print in this post. I was finally getting a chance to stop by so I could enter your giveaway. What a delight to get a tour of your guest room and see my art there!

    The curtains turned out great! Such a pretty space. (And I noticed that quilt over the bed, too... hope you'll share more about it!).

    Enjoy your family project!


    1. Anne, see my comment above to your sweet Mom re:the New York Beauty. I really had fun pulling this room together with what I had on hand.I knew there would be a perfect spot for your nasturtiums, and there's a wall where it looks just right. Gretta (the nasturtium queen) will be tickled when she sees it today. xo