Wednesday, January 3, 2018

embracing vulnerability

I was involved in a car accident on Sunday afternoon, right here in our neighborhood. It was New Year's Eve afternoon and frigidly cold. I am OK, the person who hit me is OK, the condition of my car remains in the hands of the insurance adjuster. Bruised, sore, rattled...but I know it could have been so much worse. Thank goodness for seat belts and safety features. Cruising into the new year with ice packs, arnica gel and a heating pad has given me pause.

Batman and I just updated our wills, and signed them this morning. That act loomed larger for me after the weekend's adventures. All the "what ifs".

The brutal weather has impacted our neck of the woods. A chimney fire gutted a home down in town. Farmers are struggling to keep their animals safe and watered and fed in the extreme temperatures. Going outdoors requires extra time to bundle up. And the forecast for the east coast looks grim. Mother Nature is lashing out at us for our carelessness with her bounty. It is hard to witness.

And then there is the stunning twittering about whose nuclear button is bigger. I have no words for that.

The last few nights have been restless for me. The full and bright moon has kept me awake. The discomfort in my shoulders and neck and torso has made me shift position time and again during the night. I spend a lot of time meditating under the covers, sending shining energy to the White House, hoping it will somehow change what's going on in those hallowed halls.

I'm finding that the best way to deal with all of this is to open myself up to the unanswered questions. To feel the discomfort, the uncertainty, the dread. To just sit in the midst of it. To honor its presence. To name it. To absorb it. To embrace it. To let it wash over me. To release it.

Only then can I set it aside.

And concentrate on the things I can change in my own life, in the lives of those close to me, in my community...and through that...some small part of the world.


We all need to show up for one another. I am here for you, friends.



  1. Karen, sorry to read of your accident and wishing you a speedy recovery both physically and mentally. In a flash, our whole world changes and it forces us to make some changes. Your strength and determination will guide you on this journey.

  2. "We all need to show up..." indeed.
    Sending healing energy to ease the inner and outer bruising.

  3. I am sorry to hear that you was involved in a car accident Karen. It must have been a big shock to you. Wishing that you heal quickly and stay safe and warm.

  4. Wishing you quick healing and a happy and healthy 2018. It's odd how I can feel connection and peace from your posts even though I only know you in the virtual world. Thank you for your words here.

  5. Oh Karen, you say you are ok, but obviously the accident has left you with pain and discomfort. I am so sorry. An auto accident and its aftermath are always jolting and unexpected! I hope you'll be gentle with yourself - I know you're wise enough to do that - and that your pain will subside soon.
    As for the political upheaval we live in, I do try to keep myself calm through embroidery and drawing, a bit of volunteering and looking at all the positive things in our world. Praying helps me too.
    Take care, Karen. xo

  6. Hi Karen. So sorry to read about your car accident! I hope that you went to the emergency room to be checked out to make sure your neck, ribs, shoulders, knees, etc. are all o.k. The same brilliant moon has been shining here with exceptionally cold temperatures. I've enjoyed falling asleep with the light shining in the window and actually being able to see Maggie sitting on my chest instead of just sensing her there. I wish you peace and healing in the new year.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Your antidote seems to be what is needed. Time, rest, reflections, arnica and, hopefully, a good book. Take care and get ready to be impressed with the way nature will heal you.

  8. So thankful that you are alright. Very scary. As to the political stuff, I keep hearing George's words: "All things must pass. All things must pass away."