Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tula Tuesday::week 3

This past weekend Batman and I found the most wonderful children's book called I Wrote You a Note , written and illustrated by Lizi Boyd, a Vermont artist. I have long loved her fun wrapping paper, often hanging a sheet of it as wall art. (I also had her wonderful book Flashlight on my wish list a while back and received it as a gift from Lindsey).

I Wrote You a Note  is a true gem and it has inspired me to make a few Tula squares, today's being the first. The end papers in the book are especially beautiful on this icy, overcast and cold day here in Vermont. Inspiring thoughts of renewal and spring, these colors and brush strokes were irresistible to me today, and so I pulled a bunch of fabrics to make this square.

The green print is leftover from this bag. The blue and white print is leftover from this quilt. And the grey and cream print is from a fun little prize I got for finding a "golden ticket" in my trimmings package during the last challenge run by Umbrella Prints.

I've heard a rumor that a few of my quilting buddies from CT days are jumping in on Tula Tuesday. I'm wondering if Ellen and Cathleen (better known as "the queen of everything") have sewn a square today...

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